Closed Loop Stepper Motors

We supply and use a range of Ezi-SERVO closed-loop stepper motors from FASTECH. Full details of each range can be found in the linked catalogues below.

BK Series

Ezi-SERVO BK series with integrated brakes.

BT Series

Ezi-SERVO BT series of integrated motors, drives and encoders.

Ezi-SERVO PG series of planetary geared stepper motors using SHIMPO gearboxes.

Plus R Series

Ezi-SERVO Plus-R series offering up to 16 axes of networked motion control.

Plus R Mini Series

Ezi-SERVO PR MINI series of miniature drives and controls, offering up to 16 axes of networked motion control.

Ezi-SERVO ST series controllers with motor-mounted encoders.

Ezi-SERVO MINI series of minature controllers with motor-mounted encoders.

ALL Series

Ezi-SERVO ALL series, which incorporates a comprehensive package of motor, encoder, drive, controller and networking.

ST AC Series

Ezi-SERVO ST AC series, which allows variable voltage input from 100-230VAC, automaticaly controlling the motor current according to loads.