Intelligent Motion Controllers

Galil Motion Control

Galil DMC 4000

The Galil DMC 4000 motion controller pictured with Galil motors

Galil Motion Control Inc originated the concept of digital motion controllers. It is consequently a world-class supplier of intelligent motion controller modules, for the control of servo motors and stepping motors.

Galil controllers are available in a wide range, from single to multi-axis; standalone or PC-resident; low-cost OEM modules with integral servo amplifiers or stepping motor drivers; and a wide range of bus control protocols including PCI, ethernet, USB, RS232 and EtherCAT.

There is a Galil Motion Controller for every application.

Galil supports its controllers with sound software and has an excellent website for all historical and current product support.
Galil also offers free tutorials (free registration now required) on motion control on the Galil website. Motionlink is proud to be associated with Galil Motion Control Inc as their UK Distributor, offering good local support for these excellent products.

ACS Motion Control

Controllers from ACS Motion Control
ACS Motion Control has used a distributed-processor platform for over 20 years, providing the most robust and advanced EtherCAT control solutions in the industry today.

ACS’ platform comprises an EtherCAT controller MPU (motion processor unit) and one servo processor (SPii) at each EtherCAT node. The MPU can manage systems with up to 64 synchronized axes, executing all high-level tasks. ACS’ control experts have many years of experience with state-of-the-art applications in demanding systems, enabling customers to push the boundaries of performance, accuracy and throughput.

ACS range of controllers incorporate:

  • ServoBoost – combines a unique set of control algorithms with special hardware to provide better and more consistent servo performance that is insensitive to disturbances, noise, and large changes in the controlled system. ServoBoost should be considered when:
    • Move and settle specifications cannot be achieved;
    • Extremely high accuracy constant velocity is required;
    • Standstill position jitter specifications cannot be achieved;
    • There are large changes in load or system dynamics that affect performance;
    • There are weakly damped resonances;
    • The system is characterized by low stiffness or large inertia mismatch.
  • Nanometre positioning and high velocities
    • For systems demanding high-speed and nanometre position resolutions, till now OEMs have been limited to expensive laser interferometer feedback systems. With ACS’s 10MHz Sin-Cos encoder multiplier, designers have a significant lower cost and simple alternative, using analog laser-based ultra-fast encoders.

Using ACS’s patented technology the NanoPWM drives control providing the ultimate standstill jitter and velocity smoothness performance.
Compared to best-in-class commercially available linear drives, the NanoPWM drives offer: better motion performance, significant smaller size and lower weight, fraction of heat dissipation, and more economical pricing. The NanoPWM drive for any application demanding high speed and acceleration, smooth velocity and sub-nanometre standstill jitter.

Coupled with ACS software, SPiiPlus ADK Suite provides the software tools to enable flexibility to meet the specific machine requirements and provides easy setup, fast application development, and quick diagnostics. The MMI Application Studio provides an easy-to-use set of powerful tools for configuring, tuning, programming, monitoring and motion performance
measurement and analysis.

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