Positioning Stages and Systems

MotionlinkMotionlink Stage

The Motionlink range of linear, vertical lift and rotary stages are UK-manufactured and have a proven track record over many years in many demanding applications. The travel range of these positioning stages is wide, from millimetres to several metres.

Our design consultancy in engineering motion systems also offers the custom mechanical design that a positioning system may also require. The stages are fitted with the appropriate motor, and high-accuracy ground ballscrews ensure their long and accurate life.

Our range of Motion Controllers can be tailored to control most accurate, positioning system requirements.

Control solutions based on 2 or 5 phase stepping motors or brushed/brushless servo motors are available.


primaticsPrimatics is a leading manufacturer of precision components and systems used for the development and application of industrial inspection systems and life science automation, and offer a superb range of high-precision, high-quality linear, rotary and elevation stages with stepper, servo or linear motor options.
Their products and expertise are increasingly used in semiconductor manufacturing and testing, fibre optic communications and other commercial applications that require increasingly higher precision, tighter tolerances and ruggedness.

Micronix USA

Micronix StageFrom Micronix USA LLP of California, a wide range of long-travel linear, piezo-accuracy stages. The same stage design can be fitted with piezo, stepping motor, voice coils or servo motor actuators to a customer specification.

Vaccum preparation to 10-9 mbar is optional.

Compact controllers in the Micronix range are available to control any combination of stages.

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